Ling Chi
Healing Arts

The Art of Compassion & Light Healing

Ling Chi Healing


The stresses and strains of life often get in the way of our optimum health. In your healing sessions Carole will relax your physical body, cleanse your energy field and open the flow of energy along your spine with chi acupressure. Blockages are released in your body and energy field. Your chakras activate and balance to energise and nurture your body and mind. The layers of your subtle bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, psychic, mental and spiritual realign.

Carole transmits healing and purifying Ling Chi forces to open your heart and clear and calm your mind. You are surrounded with spiritual love and light that continues to nurture, strengthen and protect your whole being.

You regain a deep sense of empowerment and inner peace. Your own deep wisdom and truth shines through.

"Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon come out from behind the stars. Shine" - Buddha/

Ling Chi Yoga


Yoga and Healing come back together

The beautiful organic union of the ancient art of yoga with the powerful practice of Ling Chi Healing. This brings yoga back to its’ true form as a path to self-realization.

As you are held and nurtured in the pure Ling Chi Life Force this approach to yoga helps you to identify the obstacles that restrict you. The emphasis is on the movement of breath and chi/prana/energy flow through your body. You learn to laser target the heavy blocked areas and use specific yoga and meditation practices to release, transform and transcend old habits, patterns and karma.

The flow of energy through the levels of your consciousness vastly improves and your whole being is much more aligned. You feel empowered, radiant and ready to step into a whole new positive way of life.

"Free from anger and selfish desire, unified in mind, those who follow the path of yoga and realise the Self are established forever in that supreme state." - Bhagavad Gita

Infinite Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Yoga

無限太極 - 氣功 - 瑜伽

Vital Energy Movement (Excerpt from the book: “The Wellness Universe Complete Guide To Self Care 25 Tools For Stress Relief” co-authored by Carole Park)

The word yoga means to “yoke” or to bring back to wholeness. When we practice specific yoga movement we breathe in a certain way and stretch our physical body but equally as importantly we stretch and open our energy meridians and channels and hold mudras or hand gestures. This helps our chakras or energy centres to open and become clearer and stronger. We find our health is greatly improved as the new, fresh prana feeds our physical body and our organs. Yoga helps us to release energy that is tight or blocked and can even be used with healing to laser target areas where we hold tension and old blockages and issues in our body.

The name chi kung literally means ‘energy work’ or to ‘work the energy.’ In chi kung we connect with our breath and work to cultivate strong, pure, positive, radiant energy and harness the chi. Holding onto it we redirect the chi and make it work for us so we become very strong and healthy. We can direct it to specific areas of the body or organs to remove old blockages and re-energise, replacing the old energy with the new. It supports our mind so we use it to balance our emotions and thoughts.

The name tai chi means ‘grand ultimate energy.’ Tai chi is more poetic and flowing. We take the chi from the chi kung practice even further and as we move our energy field becomes even brighter and more purified. Our vibration rises and we attract positive pure universal energy. This naturally dissolves any negativity that we are releasing. We begin to flow with the Tao or universe and naturally harmonise with nature and the elements and our own yin and yang - feminine and masculine aspects - return to equilibrium.

The uplifting vital energy work makes it much easier to engage with the loving energy of the heart. We are able to transcend the intellect of the mind and rely on the more devotional intelligence of our heart. We bring a clear, happy, positive, loving intention into our daily life and all our actions.