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In my personal practice and in the foundation of the methods I teach, I discovered that each of these arts offer healing and awakening whilst being held in the Divine Feminine Goddess presence.

I take the meaning of the word "Yoga" from the original core of "yuj" or "to yoke": A means to remove the affliction of ignorance, the core goal of all spiritual paths and religions.

My devotional approach to the practice of Yoga encompasses over 18 years of teaching experience. Come dance in Love and Light with me. Be part of this glorious, embodied Goddess Illumination.


Inspirational Journey
Movement in Love and Light

Uplifted and Empowered
Divine Feminine Goddess Presence

Share deep, invigorating yet profoundly spiritual experiences of Energy Movement practiced with specific combinations of Vedic teachings, Yoga Sutras, Tibetan Buddhism, and Taoism.

Goddess Embodied Yoga (GEY) is an eclectic approach to Yoga. A synthesis of beautiful Sacred Energy Movement incorporates the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung Meditation and Ling Chi Healing. We use Yoga in its traditional form not only as a stretching exercise but as a path back to our Wholeness/Oneness.

Ling Chi
Healing Arts

The Art of Compassion & Light Healing
  • Ling: purity, spiritual transcendence
  • Chi: life force, breath, subtle energy
  • Healing: return to balance & wellbeing
  • Release Emotional Blocks
  • Speed up the natural healing process
  • Nurture & honour your heart & soul
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
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Ling Chi Healing Meditation with WU Expert Guide Carole Park

The Wellness Universe welcomes Carole Park, Ling Chi Meditation Guide, in partnership with Wellness for All programming for: Ling Chi Healing Meditation. This 6 month, 12-session course is a transformational journey of self and spiritual development for women and men already on a spiritual path with basic knowledge of energy and spiritual connection. The course is open to all and resonates most with experienced practitioners of traditional chi gong, yoga and buddhist philosophy.

  • I had been attending Carole’s yoga class since summer 2016 and enjoyed her form of Yoga very much. I felt it benefited me on a deeper level than other yoga classes that I had attended previously. There was something special about Carole’s class but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I always felt a deep sense of calm after her class. It was only after my father passed away and I was in one of her classes that I started crying in one of the master poses (it was the crocodile pose) and afterwards I went and spoke to Carole about my feelings of loss and grief. It was then she told me that she also did energy healing and gave me one of her leaflets. I went home that evening and sat and researched what energy healing was as I didn’t know anything about it. It struck a cord with me and I was intrigued, after many days and weeks of research and contemplation I booked my first session with Carole and all I can say that it was transformational and life changing from the very first session. She was so intuitive and connected with my energies, she was able to understand what I didn’t even understand about me and I was completely taken aback by her power and energy. She really is a master at what she does in her yoga, her Tai Chi and energy healing. She helped me overcome my grief and sense of loss for both my parents. My father passed away in 2018 and mother passed away in 2013. Carole has also helped me resolve deep seated issues in my marriage and helped me heal from past trauma’s. I could feel the difference in myself from the first session and within 6 sessions I felt like I had been reborn. She truly transformed my life for the better and I am so blessed to have found her. I would highly recommend Carole to anyone who has suffered any kind of trauma or difficultly in their life or emotional issues they can’t deal with. She offers such a safe space to deal with such issues, to bring them up and then to release them. Carole is really one in a million and there is no one quite like her. Aisha Beg
  • I am a 66 year old retired teacher and ex sportsman. I started Infinite Tai Chi with Carole some months ago and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy it. Carole is an excellent exponent of the art and a great teacher with a calm relaxed manner. Although I originally thought that Tai Chi was somewhat exotic for me, I was wrong. With Carole's help and expertise I have found a life enhancing activity that works well for me and compliments the other elements of my life. It has proven to be a very useful, rewarding activity. As a result of my experience I can thoroughly recommend Carole's Infinite Tai Chi courses. They are very rewarding given her professional approach. Sam Griffin  
  • Thank you Carole for teaching me Meditation, Breathing and Infinite Tai Chi. I've thoroughly enjoyed  the course, I'm so pleased that I attended and I'm practising everything at home. I use the Breathing and Meditation to while away the time wasted on hospital appointments. And not forgetting your lovely calming voice. Many Thanks. Hazel
  • Since I started attending your Infinite Tai Chi sessions they have given me a new goal in life and helped my spirit to grow. I feel more energised and my thoughts are clear.  The spiritual path I seek is more realised and within reach.   Rohan Manners
  • Carole's Healing, Ling Chi Yoga and Infinite Tai Chi sessions have given me some very useful tools in my spiritual journey. I have found working with Carole inspirational and liberating. Her therapy and teaching style is very consistent, calm and grounded but also deeply compassionate. There is great wisdom and strength in this work for me. Hilary Cole - University Librarian & Spiritual Seeker
  • I wasn't interested in Yoga (initially) but I knew I needed something to slow me down and help with my stress. I've been having weekly 1:1's with Carole for 6 months. Carole was recommended to me and I can understand why. She's extremely patient! shows warmth, care and humour and doesn't mind when I swear! (sometimes I'm not very bendy) Here I am 6 months later, finding myself looking forward to my sessions and aware that stress builds up again if ever I miss a week. My stress levels are lower and I've picked up tools to work with in between sessions. Given that I started yoga not at all sure that I'd keep going, or feel any benefit - that's no small achievement for me and Carole.    Teri  Stephenson
  • I have been attending Carole's Infinite Tai Chi and Meditation sessions for the last seven years. She is a great teacher, consistently present for us and always helpful. There is always space for us to explore what is happening and she communicates well. I am a stronger, more integrated person as a result of studying Meditation and Infinite Tai Chi. It is a life long journey which I should have begun years ago. However, thanks to Carole, I am making progress and her sessions are inspirational. I would not give them up for the world. Polly Skerratt
  • During my 2 and a half years practising Chi Kung and Infinite Tai Chi with Carole the stages have had a deeply strengthening effect within my body, especially my nervous and digestive systems. I have learned that consciously practising the Chi Kung breathing technique, which is slow, deep and originates from the diaphragm has a very calming effect on my mind. This has a very positive effect which makes all the difference. I fully appreciate the benefits of Chi Kung in creating all round wellness and health. I personally call Chi Kung and Tai Chi "Moving Meditation" where I meditate on my breathing. I feel relaxed and energised after a session. I recently began learning Ling Chi Yoga with Carole and find the deep peace it creates in my body and mind aids my focus at work and helps in dealing with my 2 teenage  boys. Mandy Cotter
  • When I first met Carole I was in deep personal crisis. I have never met anyone so full of Chi and Light as Carole. She has hidden depths of knowledge of Spiritual Matters. In Carole's classes we are taking baby steps  under the tutelage of a Spiritual Master. I know my own neediness can be dangerous to myself, but I also know that I am safe with Carole. I simply take the Ling Chi Yoga and Healing and try to be patient with myself as Ling Chi light and love break through. The only way to treat Carole is with the greatest respect, not only for the dedication she has shown to her own personal spiritual journey, but also because she is willing to share the spiritual practices and disciplines that otherwise would remain out of reach to people such as myself. John Halsall  
  • I had various health issues (eyes, heart, ears) leading to several visits to Accident & Emergency and hospital recovery. Since I started  Infinite Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes with Carole Park nearly one year ago I have not made any  visits to A+E; I stopped taking tablets 3 times a day for my dizziness (ear issue); I have no more chest pain (heart issue) and my last visit to the eye consultant was satisfactory. I thank Carole for her patient, consistent , caring skills in dealing with my slow learning attitude and imperfections. I would recommend Carole to others who wish to try an alternative way to solve their health issues.  Louis Imbrosciano
  • I have found the whole experience of working with you inspiring. You are a patient teacher. Your sessions are easy to follow, you give so much encouragement with your own passion for Infinite Tai Chi and Meditation. To sum up you are kind, caring, patient, and lovely. I am so grateful to have joined in your work. Nina
  • Since joining Carole's Infinite Tai Chi sessions I feel that they have been a great benefit because the practice has helped me relax and therefore reduce my blood pressure. I found the group very welcoming and the classes are great fun. Carole is a fantastic teacher who's calming energy infuses each session and her teaching is enriched by her wealth of experience and knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in Tai Chi or Yoga to attend Carole's sessions. Linda  
  • With Carole Park you always get Goddess Energy, colour, mudras and a story Matt Thornton - Airline Pilot