Book a Session

If you would like to invest in life changing sessions with Carole a series begins with a 15 minute consultation followed by:

Ling Chi Healing
Ling Chi Yoga

£110 per session

Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1hour 30 minutes

Infinite Tai Chi
Chi Kung
Spiritual Counselling

£70 per session

Minimum 6 sessions

1 hour – 1hour 15 minutes

10% discount is available when 6 sessions are paid for in advance


Book a “Treat Yourself” Private Day with Carole


Following an initial consultation and exploration to ascertain what is really happening on the deeper levels of your consciousness, the day is tailored to your unique healing and awakening journey.

This may include:

Spiritual counselling and a combination of wholesome sacred energy movement possibly Ling Chi Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Relaxation.

Lunch Break

The afternoon session may include additional movement or a Ling Chi Healing session or Meditation.

To follow up your appointment Carole designs your own personal Mini Home Program consisting of an appropriate combination of simple easy to do daily movement, relaxation and Meditation.