About Carole

My first memory of yoga is my mother dragging me to yoga classes when I was 14 or 15. It was so easy for my body then as I was thin and bendy. The class participants seemed like old ladies in black leotards - with a few old men. Of course those ‘old ladies’ were probably the same age as I am now. It was much later when I had a successful career with a solid team of people and enviable income that I began to feel very unfulfilled and had a sense that something was missing, a kind of inner emptiness that I had no idea how to fill. There had to be more to life than the stress of sales figures.

Then one Sunday I was sitting in the bath, feeling lost and wondering where my life was going, trying to fill the gap with a bottle of wine and a magazine, when I saw an advertisement for ‘tai chi for relaxation.’ I swear there was a picture of an oriental lady. I decided I would give them a call. The following day I searched through the magazine - but the advertisement wasn’t there. The inspiration had come from somewhere much deeper and higher. Six months later I joined a local tai chi class and what a culture shock! It opened me to a completely different environment. A world of floating clouds, touching water and painting rainbows.

My life transformed as I discovered more layers of energy work and layers of myself. I learned that there is far more going on than our physical body and worldly mind, and that having this awareness is so important to live a healthy life. I went on to study tai chi, chi kung, yoga and meditation. Trained in counselling and as a spiritual healer. I found myself mixing with a whole new tribe of lovely open, supportive people.

These days the pressure and expectations in life that are based on personal power gain and rushing from A to B in a certain time are a thing of the past. Now my lifestyle is the rich practice of these beautiful arts. The inspiration, peace and the deep joy of sharing them is my inner fulfilment.

If you are feeling unfulfilled, that something is missing, something is wrong, or know it’s time to move forward in your life and journey I will help you lift yourself to the next level.

Healing Stories

Here are the stores of four people who found healing turned their life around

Lisa came to see me feeling very confused and unbalanced about her life and her relationships with her family including her husband and children. Her mother had passed way 5 years previously and during a healing session she realised she had never really dealt with the grief. That day she released very intense energies that were pushed down and held deep inside her. It helped her to find a new sense of ease and freedom. Two weeks later Lisa flew to Spain to visit her mother’s grave and felt a complete sense of love, joy and softness flood through her. From that moment Lisa new she was free of the grief and totally at peace with her relationship with her mother. Lisa’s relationships with her husband and children are now much easier, natural and full of joy and fun.

Stewart had never had a good relationship with his Dad. His whole life he had felt his father put him down and that nothing he ever did was good enough in his father’s eyes. This ranged from school and college grades to career and family issues. During a healing session Stewart faced the difficult emotions and long held negative issues from his past and felt a great sense of forgiveness and love for his father. Immediately after the healing session he called his father and they had the easiest, most positive conversation of their lives. From that moment Stewart’s whole outlook on this childhood and conflicted adult life shifted. He felt new enthusiasm for his career and moved to a new job on a higher salary that was closer to home. His friends, family and work colleagues immediately noticed the difference in him and commented that he was a “changed man”.

Jane was already on a deep spiritual journey and came for healing sessions following a huge, over-wealming realisation that she had been sexually and aurally abused as a child by her father. This went in hand with knowing her mother was aware it was happening but did nothing to stop it. This experience had been pushed down so far and hard that she had completely blocked it from memory. When it rose it came with a huge flood of self hatred and victim hood. Jane was projecting her inner trauma at almost everyone around her, blaming them for her conflicting emotions and disharmony. She had difficult relationships with her family, friends and work colleagues and found it impossible to be in an intimate relationship with a man. Jane had a series of healing sessions where she discovered the hatred and pain was very old and deep in her karma. Gradually layer by layer she faced her inner conflict and learned to forgive her father and mother and very importantly to forgive herself. Today Jane is hardly recognisable as the unbalanced woman who came for healing sessions, she met a lovely, patient man and is now in a happy supportive relationship. Her relationships with her family have become much easier and more joyful. She has friends who she knows love her. Her career outlook changed and she found a job where she has fun at work and is very happy with her colleagues. Jane learned to meditate and has a beautiful sense of inner peace and love of life.

Thomas came for one to one Yoga sessions. He initially thought he was simply going to learn yoga postures and breathing but at his first appointment it became obvious he was there for deep healing Ling Chi Yoga. He was having terrible back pain, it was so intense it made him sick and was affecting his work and home life. I introduced Thomas to a simple yoga sequence and breathing exercise that helped to realign his spine and pelvis. I removed some of the dark energy along his back that was causing the pain and as we moved through the yoga sequence, ancient trauma that was help deep within him moved through his body to be released in the Healing Light. Recognising the old issues that caused his discomfort helped Thomas to release himself and live a pain free life. Thomas was so thrilled with the results he went on to train as a yoga teacher. .


Carole Park is a dedicated light worker. A teacher of Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and Meditation and personally practices these arts for at least 3 hours a day. She has 20 years experience of study, teaching and healing practice. She runs workshops and seminars, gives demonstrations and presentations as well as 1:1 sessions. Carole is a gifted channel and connects deeply with her students and clients. She will help you stand in your power, unlock your potential and manifest your best life. Carole is qualified in Ling Chi Healing Art and developed her own Ling Chi Yoga series for bringing yoga and healing back together. She has worked extensively with the Chinese and asian communities and helped many souls suffering from long term sickness. After an initial consultation Carole will help design your own personalised program back to wholeness.

Carole is from and lives in the United Kingdom with her husband. You can often find her walking in the countryside surrounding Barnoldswick with her dog and creating beauty in her garden. Her favourite place in the world is Bali where she loves the energy and feels completely at home. https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/carolepark/

The name chi kung literally means ‘energy work’ or to ‘work the energy.’ In chi kung we connect with our breath and work to cultivate strong, pure, positive, radiant energy and harness the chi. Holding onto it we redirect the chi and make it work for us so we become very strong and healthy. We can direct it to specific areas of the body or organs to remove old blockages and re-energise, replacing the old energy with the new. It supports our mind so we use it to balance our emotions and thoughts.