In my personal practice and in the foundation of the methods I teach, I discovered that each of these arts offer healing and awakening whilst being held in the Divine Feminine Goddess presence.

I take the meaning of the word "Yoga" from the original core of "yuj" or "to yoke": A means to remove the affliction of ignorance, the core goal of all spiritual paths and religions.

My devotional approach to the practice of Yoga encompasses over 15 years of teaching experience. Come dance in Love and Light with me. Be part of this glorious, embodied Goddess Illumination.


Inspirational Journey
Movement in Love and Light

Uplifted and Empowered
Divine Feminine Goddess Presence

Share deep, invigorating yet profoundly spiritual experiences of Energy Movement practiced with specific combinations of Vedic teachings, Yoga Sutras, Tibetan Buddhism, and Taoism.

Goddess Embodied Yoga (GEY) is an eclectic approach to Yoga. A synthesis of beautiful Sacred Energy Movement incorporates the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung Meditation and Ling Chi Healing. We use Yoga in its traditional form not only as a stretching exercise but as a path back to our Wholeness/Oneness.

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